John & Marion

We found Kara a most pleasant and dedicated young lady, and even with some of the small complications with our affairs, found her way around perfectly and if, as I believe once happened, had no hesitation in communicating for guidance with  one of the partners. Indeed Kara intended to present both returns for ratification with her senior partner, after we had left the office and before submitting them to the A.T.O.

All in all, a most pleasant experience and we are pleased to have been recommended to such an efficient practice, particularly starting off with Eve and Carol at the front desk when we arrived.

- John Murrell and Marion Carney

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Tanya Megaw

I have been using Xero for nearly 3 years now.   I wasn’t keen of changing over from another accounting program as I thought I loved the previous one.   But I was wrong,  I love XERO!!

It is user friendly.   I manage 2 companies accounts,  15 offices and a total of 55 current staff and 4-5 locums. I also report weekly to the ATO with the new single touch payroll

As you can imagine we have a lot of transactions going into our bank accounts with 15 offices,  but I find it very easy.

I have it on my laptop as well and can work from home at any time which I love.   Yes I do have a life,  but I enjoy what I do!

Also I have great support from the staff at  BNM Accountants,  they are all great.

I would highly recommend Xero to everyone.

 - Tanya Megaw

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Tuncurry Auto Spares
Beaver Novello Moss have been handling my accounting and tax needs for over 25 years. During that period of time, I have found them to be reliable, professional and very up to date with the ever-changing and complex Australian and Superannuation systems. Their guidance and advice on all things financial have proved to be invaluable. I can rest easy knowing my taxation and superannuation obligations are being handled by a group of professionals who give friendly and personal service.
— Max Keech | 
Tuncurry Auto Spares
Benny Heath
The Resolution Network

It’s not uncommon when you start off in business, that you don’t 100% know how things are going to go. To keep your costs low, you might decide to make do with whatever support you can get – you know what I mean, a brother in law who is kinda arty develops your logo, your mum does your books. Well, this is how we started off.


Fast forward 5 years and we had enough runs on the board to feel pretty confident we had a viable business – so we decided it was time to get a bit more serious with the financial side of things.


We wanted to be able to make decisions based on solid numbers rather than a gut feeling. We wanted to have a business that was aligned to our personal values and lifestyle, rather than just doing work to make a dollar. And we wanted to have confidence that the decisions we were making today would set us up to be able to have more choice in the future.


We interviewed a couple of local accounting and business consultants and chose the team at BNM – and we believe it’s one of the best business decisions we’ve made.


Not only do we get solid advice relating to our accounts, our accounting systems and tax – they listen to us, they respectfully challenge us and they encourage us to stay true to our vision for our business.


In short, they are a vital partner in our business success and we give them an 11/10.

— Megan Lewis | Director, The Resolution Network Taree NSW

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Automotive Hail Repairs
We were put onto BNM by a close mutual friend who had used their services for years. At the time our business was just a two-man team with a rather mediocre turnover.

Our previous accountant didn’t give us the feeling he wanted to grow with us, even though we had expressed our intentions to grow our business in a very clear way.

Although changing accountants felt a little daunting at the time, we bit the bullet and made the change... And what a fantastic decision that was...
— Joel Knott & Damian Quain | Directors, Automotive Hail Repairs, Sydney NSW
Benny Heath
Forster Podiatry
I first met Alex from Beaver Novello Moss just before I started my podiatry practice. I had little business management experience, but Alex provided much-valued guidance throughout the formative years and as the business has continued to grow, helping me reach my financial goals. 
I have always been extremely impressed with Alex’s professionalism, enthusiasm, knowledge and personal approach.
— Joe Crowther
 | Podiatrist
Benny Heath
Rigoni Australia
I have been a client of BNM for over 7 years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Alex Novello helped me when I launched my first online business back in 2007 and has since helped me take it from strength to strength over the years. He also helped me execute the successful sale of that business with ease.

I have multiple areas that require attention with my accounts including properties, companies, personal tax and superannuation and the staff at BNM deal with it all professionally and quickly.

Let’s face it, no-one likes dealing with the ATO, but BNM do!!! They get things dealt with quickly and easily. They take care of it all and in what seems like minutes and for a fraction of the cost that I would lose in billable time if I did it myself!

They know me, my business and my situation so well that it’s like calling family when I ring them. Do you have that kind of relationship with your accountant?
— Lisa Rigoni | Director Rigoni Australia Pty Ltd
Benny Heath
Forster Eyecare
Today in business you have to have an accountant. We are just lucky to have the best one. We have been in business for over 35years and are nearing the end of our working career. This has only been made possible by the strong steerage of Beaver Novello Moss in our earlier years of work and without whose help we would now be floundering about, trying to work out how we would ever be able to afford to retire.

When you’re working “at the coal face” its hard to see the big picture and this is where Beaver Novello Moss has been so helpful over all these years. I feel it’s been a team effort rather than just another business expense as so many people view their “money men”.

Alex and his team have always been most helpful, from the smallest enquiry right up to make-or-break business decisions.

I can most honestly say I highly recommend the team at Beaver Novello Moss - for now, and in the future.
— Howard Day | Optometrist, Forster Eyecare
Benny Heath
Ross Andrews
I have been a client of BNM for the past 30 years, both on a personal & business level. BNM has been responsible for all aspects of accounting and tax for several Companies I am involved with as well as my super fund. Strategic business and tax planning have added significantly to my bottom line.

Over the years I have found Alex & the team to be very reliable & efficient. They provide good advice, at times with very short notice, which can be critical to future outcomes. They are very approachable & have a friendly, caring attitude from the front desk & throughout the office. I find they treat all clients on an individual basis & work to provide the best outcome for their client’s needs.
— Ross Andrews | Director
Benny Heath
Forster Cycles
Beaver Novello Moss have been my accountants for the past 30 years. In this time I have had several businesses.

Over the years I have needed lots of advice and Beaver Novello Moss are always there when I need them. Anytime I need something done, it’s only a phone call away and it gets sorted quickly.

They help with crucial decisions on managing my business to get the best financial results. The whole team is very professional and nothing is ever a problem.
— Paul Nixon | Director Forster Cycles
Benny Heath
Wes Schwarze
Just want to thank Grant and the team for the interest you show and the quality advice I constantly receive. I have just realised that it is now over ten years since you were first recommended to me. I count myself fortunate to have found such trustworthy help!

I just want you to know your integrity and genuineness is greatly appreciated.
— Wes Schwarze | Bonny Hills
Benny Heath
Clarendon Farm and Clarendon Management
I have been a client of Beaver Novello Moss for over 11 years and they have been a key advisor to my businesses and an essential member of my team in business development.
Advising and assisting with subdivisions, the sale of real estate, tax planning, estate planning and financing my business operations.

Most importantly, always being there in the tough times with a thorough knowledge of the business. eg steering a successful ATO audit, supporting me through the death of my partner and planning for the future needs of myself and my children.

Above all, the focus is on family goals and needs and tailoring financial planning around that rather than just a focus on tax and finances.
— Sharyn Cox | Company Director Clarendon Farm Pty Ltd and Clarendon Management Pty Ltd
Benny Heath